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Top Outdoor Holiday Gifts created by Black, Indigenous, and other entrepreneurs of Color

Since 2017, we’ve created our annual gift guide to celebrate Entrepreneurs of Color creating products for our outdoor experience!

The past year, we’ve seen an explosion of new small businesses making waves in the outdoor industry and we’re excited to roll out all our favorites. We know that you will find something you and your loved ones will enjoy!

Check out the products below to learn more about Black, Indigenous, Asian, and/or Latinx owned companies making an impact in the outdoors. If you like this guide, make sure to drop a review and share this article with your friends and family!



You don't need new swag to get outdoors but if you do gift a friend or family member with some fresh threads, here's our top 5:

  1. Brown Girls Climb Cropped Tank Mustard (up to 2X)

Why we love it: Let's be honest, It's a shameless plug but beyond that it's one of our favorite shirts to date! It's loose, looks great on darker skin tones and ready to pair with just about anything!


  • Black, Indigenous, Latina, and Asian run & led

  • Woman owned

2. Wondery Isabel Outdoor Pant (up to 3X)

Why we love it: We can't get enough of these utility pants. The color is hot and you can go from the trail to a concert with these ones!


  • Filipino owned

3. Varlo Men's Heat map Triathlon Suit (up to 2X)

Why we love it: The triathlon needs more outdoor love. Varlo has some of the most stylish triathlon and cycling suits out there. If you're not sure which suit to get your friend, they also carry gift cards!


  • Black Owned

4. Outdoor Afro + REI Co-op Trail Pants - Women's (up to 3XL or 26W)

Why we love it: These pant's have a strong 90's kickback vibe and we love it. Outdoor Afro has been paving the way for years and we're stoked to see them launch Outdoor Afro Inc. and continue this work.


  • Black Owned

  • Woman Owned

5. Observame -Women’s Paintite Half Zip (up to XL)

Why we love it: Karen Fultz-Robinson is no stranger to the running game which is why she created this nifty running top (available in men's also) with a slit for your fitness watch. It's perfect for a number of outdoor activities!


  • Black Owned

  • Woman Owned


GEAR & Travel

This is the most exciting category for us! Technical gear is hard to find and we love that these companies are pushing the limits of what's available to us!

6. Baboon Outdoors Pinch Blocks

Why we love it: We're always stoked to find new training products. On top of this, Baboon Outdoors dedicates a lot of energy towards stewardship education and local climbing access in LA.


  • Nicaraguan Owned

  • Immigrant Owned

  • Queer Owned

7. Alluvia Gunny Gorge Whitewater

Why we love it: If you're looking for the best gift for your rafting friend - this is the raft for you. At 7lbs., this raft is light, packable, and ready to go!


  • Peruvian Owned

  • Woman Owned

8. Allmansright Björn Food Bag

Why we love it: This ultralight pack is our go-to piece for backpacking and multiday adventures and honestly the blue dyneema fabric just looks cool.


  • Dominican/Afro-Latinx & Filipino Owned

  • Woman Owned

  • Immigrant Owned

9. Seirus Adventures Cat Tracks (Up to Large)

Why we love it: These simple ski/snow boot covers are so easy to use and help extend the lifespan of your boots! Gift this little number to the friend who's always chasing powder.


  • Black Owned

10. Northside Save the Boundary Waters Fanny Pack

Why we love it: What's better that a chic fanny pack? One that also helps the fight against sulfide-ore copper mining near the boundary waters area. We're about it.


  • Black Owned


Food & Beverage

Food and drink are essential parts of many of our cultures around the world. When we venture our we don't want to skimp on such integral parts of our outdoor experiences for a few granola bars! Here's our favs:

11. Itacate Sunset Caldo (Vegan)

Why we love it: Mama's caldo on a cold day is everything campers need this winter season! Martha Y Diaz' Sunset Caldo is next best thing for your favorite backpacking buddy.


  • Mexican Owned

  • Woman Owned

12. Uproot Genmaicha Green Tea

Why we love it: This little number is easy to pack and travel with on your next adventure. Great for the tea lover in your life!


  • Chinese Owned

  • Woman Owned

13. Big Boi Ube Butter

Why we love it: We're drooling. This spread is a perfect gift for the outdoor chef in your life. You know the person; whether its on the water, dirt, or snow, they always bring the best snacks.


  • Filipino Owned

  • Woman Owned

14. Southeastern Roastery Boulder Blend

Why we love it: Have a coffee afficionado in your life? This particular blend is tasty & directly supports Pigtown Climbs removing barriers to access to climbing in the Baltimore area.


  • Native/Black Owned

  • Woman Owned

15. A Dozen Cousins Flavors of Wakanda Variety Pack

Why we love it: Overnight trips don't have to be bland! Gift this protein packed variety pack to your van life buddy who's always on the move.


  • Black Owned


art & accessories

This category is great for creatives! From fun to functional, these gifts a great for anyone that appreciates specialty items for the outdoors!

16. Tough Cutie "Eve" The Original Ladies Weight Hiker Crew

Why we love it: Comfy? Check. Warm? Check. These cute socks are the stocking stuffer for the hiker in your life!


  • Black Owned

  • Woman Owned

17. Milo Creations Balance Throw Blanket

Why we love it: This beautiful and warm throw is perfect for families. It's inspired & inspired by Acoma pottery and nature, plus - it's easy to care for. Big win for everyone!


  • Native Owned

  • Woman Owned

18. Fifth x Rockdeep M.1 Trail Re-release

Why we love it: We love the color and function on these kicks. Got a sneakerhead in your life? This gift's for them!


  • Black Owned/Navajo Designed

19. Buenavista Mexican Embroider Tear Drops

Why we love it: We love to sport earrings on the trail! These clay earrings are just the pop we need for outfits. Definitely for the fashionista in your life!


  • Mexican Owned

  • Woman Owned

20. Aurora Heat Reusable Hand Warmers

Why we love it: Yes, Yes, Yes! We're here for this hot little number. Winter is coming and these little ones fit right in your pocket or gloves. Plus, $1 from every product purchased is contributed to on-the-Land initiatives for Indigenous youth, educators and knowledge holders.


  • Native Owned

  • Woman Owned


Health & Wellness

Self care is essential for any outdoor adventure. Whether it's staying fresh during a multiday camping trip or preventing those pesky mosquito bite on your annual family trip, we've got you covered.

21. Adventurist Soap Co. Bug Spray (All Natural)

Why we love it: Bug spray for a gift? Yeah, it seems odd but this one is perfect for stockings or your white elephant gift. It's deet-free and you'll wish you bought another for yourself!


  • Black Owned

  • Queer Owned

  • Woman Owned

22. Hustle Clean The Face Wipe

Why we love it:


  • Black Owned

23. Quw’utsun’ Made Tattoo Aftercare Balm

Why we love it: We know all of y'all are getting tatted these days. We'll don't forget to protect that ink outside. Oh and it's vegan and got eco-friendly packaging so made just for the adventure environmentalist in your life.


  • Quw'utsun'/Cowichan Owned

  • Woman Owned

24. Apothekary The Littles 10 Pack

Why we love it: Spending time outdoors is great for mental health and so are these stress reducing herb samples.These travel friendly herbs packs are great to hand out individually or gift in whole.


  • Japanese Owned

  • Woman Owned

25. Native Botanicals Pain Free Herbal Gift Set

Why we love it: Whatever scrapes or aches you got from your outside shenanigans, Native Botanicals has you covered! Perfect gift set for friends or families.


  • Family Owned

  • Oglala Lakota Owned


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